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Coughs happens due to a wide variety of causes and is your body’s natural defense mechanism to irritants. Most minor coughs can be remedied using simple home remedies. In severe cases, a doctor visit is warranted for further checking. Here are some natural home remedies for cough which will help sooth the throat and reduce the symptoms of cough. Read our guide here.


natural home cough remedies

What Causes Cough?

Cough, or tussis is a natural reaction that occurs when something irritates your throat or your body is trying to expel something harmful. A lot of short term coughs are due to respiratory tract infections such as cold or flu virus. Long term cough can be caused by diseases and conditions like asthma, and also lifestyle factors like smoking.

What Is Dry Cough?

There are 2 types of cough, productive and non-productive cough. A productive cough produces phlegm or mucus. A nonproductive cough, also known as a dry cough, doesn’t produce phlegm or mucus. There are many causes of dry coughs such as allergy and acid reflex. Sometimes, there is no obvious cause. Home cough remedies or natural remedies may have benefits in helping to sooth your throat and lessen the coughs.

How Do Cough Medicines Work?

Depending on your condition, your doctor or pharmacist may recommend an antihistamine-based cough medicine such as Benadryl. Benadryl contains diphenhydramine, an antihistamine used to relieve symptoms of allergy such as cough, cold, and sinuses. These antihistamines typically have drowsiness as a side effect so be sure not to drive or operate any machinery if you are on it.

There are also plenty of natural home cough remedies or non-antihistamine-based cough solutions, which we will discuss below.

Top 5 Natural Cough Remedies

Natural home remedies help alleviate symptoms of cough because of their anti-inflammatory actions, soothing effects and ability to reduce the effect of allergies. Here are some home remedies for cough you can try:

1. Honey

Honey is one of the most well-known home remedies. It can sooth a sore throat and reduce the reflex action that triggers cough. Honey is also known to have antibacterial properties which can help combat minor illnesses caused by bacteria. It is recommended to take honey with a warm tea such as chamomile or lemongrass.

2. Turmeric

Turmeric and its active compound curcumin possess antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties and is traditionally used to treat common colds and cough. Also, check out our full turmeric and curcumin guide here. They are also available in supplements form.

3. Hot Tea Or Soups

Hot Tea or Soups can help relieve dryness in your throat, and thin out mucus which helps ease the symptoms of cough and congestion. The soothing effects of tea can also help with throat irritation.

4. Ginger

Studies show that ginger can relax the airway muscles that may tighten up and cause the reflex cough action. It is recommended to take ginger together with a warm tea for the best effects. Ginger also helps with indigestion.

5. Peppermint

Peppermint is a natural decongestant that can help soothe the throat and airway passages, providing relief to symptoms of colds and cough. Many cough drops contain menthol (the active ingredient of peppermint) for its throat-soothing effects. You can also consider inhaling peppermint oils to relieve congestion and clear nasal passages.

Over-the-counter Cough Remedies

If coughing still persists you can consider many over-the-counter cough remedies. We’ve compiled a list of the best-selling and popular OTC cough remedies below:

1. Breacol


Breacol Cough Syrup helps to soothe sore, irritated throats and loosen thick phlegm— Providing fast relief from coughs.

2. Cap Ibu Dan Anak

cap ibu dan anak

Cap Ibu Dan Anak needs no introduction and is a staple traditional formulation used to relieve of cough, phlegm, sore throat & body heatines. It is also suitable for pregnant women.

3. Woods Peppermint Cough Syrup

woods peppermint cough syrup

Woods Peppermint Cough Syrup contains Guaiphenesin which is an expectorant. It provides rapid relief of wet, productive cough by loosening phlegm and thinning bronchial secretions to rid bronchial passageways of mucus. This is helpful if constant phlegm is an issue for you.

4. Hurix's Sirap Gamat

hurix sirap gamat

Hurix’s Sirap Gamat comes in 2 formulations, one for adults and one for children. It is traditionally used for reducing, phlegm, relieving cough, sore throat, hoarseness, body heatiness and colds.

When Should You See A Doctor If You Have A Cough?

It is recommended to see your doctor if your cough has lasted for more than 3 weeks or if your cough accompanied by symptoms such as fever, shortness of breath, thick mucus which is green or yellow in color, night sweats or unexplained weight loss.

Are Cough Remedies Safe For Kids?

Please check that the cough syrup is suitable for children by reading the directions of use and instructions provided. Some remedies are only suitable for adults so be sure to check first.

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