Esyms Pharmacy Product Review: JOUI Health Sanitary Pad

joui health sanitary pad




About JOUI Health Sanitary Pad

The JOUI Health Sanitary Pad is a new kind of sanitary pad which combines the best of design and health technology to bring comfort and usability. The team aims to solve the problem of Poor Quality pads, overflow, tearing off easily, discomfort and odour with the current sanitary pad solutions.

JOUI Health Sanitary Pad Types

JOUI Sanitary pads come in 3 ranges.

  • Black series for night use. 
  • White series for day use.
  • Pink series for daily use.

JOUI Health Sanitary Pad Benefits

The pads uses a trademarked Cozeft™ technology which provides 5 core benefits.

  1. Analgesia to help relieve pain.
  2. Nano silver to reduce vaginal discharge and odour.
  3. Negative ions to increase energy concentration, prevent fatigue and reduce rashes.
  4. Cell rejuvenation to repair cells, slow aging and overcome ovarian disease.
  5. Far infrared to improve microcirculation and balance pH.

JOUI Health Sanitary Pad Price

A pack of 10’s retails for about RM15-20. You can buy JOUI Health Sanitary Pad on esyms and get cashback with esyms credit.

JOUI Health Sanitary Pad Promo Code

The easiest way to get JOUI Health Sanitary Pad at a discounted price is to purchase on the esyms store and use your free esyms credit!

JOUI Health Sanitary Pad FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about JOUI Health Sanitary Pad. We will add more questions when they come.

JOUI pads do not contain any harmful synthetics or chemicals in their composition.

1. The top layer is made with natural cotton.
2. The absorbent core is made with SAP from Japan.
3. The bottom layer is made with a membrane which is breathable.

It is recommended that you change at the maximum of every 4 hours to maintain proper hygiene and comfort throughout the day.

JOUI uses the finest natural ingredients to ensure you do not experience irritation or rashes. The pads are soft and comfortable for your skin.

  • Black Series: Night Series: 330mm (33cm)
  • White Series: Day Series: 290mm (29cm)
  • Pink Series: Panty Liners: 180mm (18cm)

You can buy JOUI Health Sanitary Pads via our esyms store and have it delivered to you quickly and discreetly!

JOUI Health Sanitary Pad Reviews

Agnes L

JOUI Health Sanitary Pads are good for the monthly period pain and long term it has plenty of health benefits!

Li Y

The pads are very adsorbent thanks to their double layer design.


It comes in premium packaging and is really convenient to carry!

Where To Buy JOUI Health Sanitary Pad

You can soon purchase JOUI Health Sanitary Pads from pharmacies in Malaysia, or better yet, via the esyms online pharmacy store!

Purchase now and get your JOUI Health Sanitary Pads delivered in 3 hours or less via our on-demand service!

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