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About Stoika SDST Spray

Stoika SDST Spray is a surface-coating spray which has been proven effective in killing bacteria, fungi, virus and mould. It can be used on any surface, such as baby products, toys, electronics, footwear, bags, bathroom and kitchen and even the inside of your car.

How It Works

In short, SDST Spray operates through the use of its Nano-sized molecular sword. It penetrates through the cell membrane of the micro bugs and ruptures its structure. For a more detailed explanation of how Stoika SDST spray works, refer to their company website.

SDST Ingredients

The active ingredient in SDST is modified quaternary ammonium chloride. This compound has been listed in the US-EPA, as well as Singapore’s NEA and has been found to be effective against COVID-19.

Stoika SDST Spray Benefits

The SDST spray comes with a host of benefits. The most obvious being the ability to eliminate all forms of dangerous micro-organisms from your home, car and day-to-day items. It has proven useful in protecting your family against sicknesses like the common cold, hand foot mouth disease, chicken pox and others.

Hygiene lovers rejoice. SDST Spray also helps you remove odour-causing bacteria & fungi from your wearables. The best part? The product is non-toxic, eco-friendly and child-safe.

Stoika SDST Spray FAQ

Here are some frequently asked questions about Stoika SDSR Spray. We will add more questions when they come.

Stoika SDST Spray is non-toxic and safe for use. The product is also certified by the United States of America’s Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA). Children will be safe even when in contact with the sprayed surfaces.

The surface is protected from bacterial fungi, and viruses for 3 months. According to the SDST website, The compound is able to adhere to the surface for prolonged duration due to the unique bonding agents in the solution. The bonding is strong enough to withstand repeated cleaning and disinfecting for that duration.

There is a huge problem with re-contamination when other normal disinfectants are used. With SDST spray, your surfaces are guaranteed to be protected from recontamination for up to 90 days.

Spray your surface once with a good amount, wipe it with a clean cloth— and your surface will protected by a coating, effective for up to 3 months.

SDST is commonly used in commercial and public places, such as hospitals and healthcare centers, automotive and child daycare centers. On that note, it’s safe to spray on your kids’ toys.

It can be used on many different types of surfaces, such as porous and non-porous surfaces, even textile and leather.

It is recommended to clean if the surface is dirty. Daily cleaning of coated surfaces with cloth and water / detergent does not remove the protective layer of SDST. However, this does not mean you do not have to wash your hands anymore, as hand washing is an essential part of personal hygiene.

According to the SDST website, the coating has been tested with numerous types of viruses and bacteria. And based on the test results from many countries, it is effective against COVID-19.

Stoika SDST Spray Reviews

Anni N

I just want to share that Stoika SDST Spray is very useful for us especially with children. Highly recommended this product! The big advantage is this bottle size is so cute and we can carry them around easily.

Phillip H

Very well recommended for businesses and household spraying to maintain the surrounding’s hygiene.

Yeo KH

Very effective. Our 2 baby girl never had another hand foot mouth outbreak in 5 months! Great! Highly recommended.

Where To Buy Stoika SDST Spray In Malaysia

You can purchase Stoika SDST spray from local pharmacies in Malaysia. If you are looking for surface disinfectants online, you can find one via the esyms online pharmacy store, and have it delivered in 3 hours or less via our on-demand service!

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